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Emergency Supplies

In order to take advantage of the SAKA Emergency Supply Stations, you must accept and sign the Hold Harmless Agreement and be a current member of SAKA (current SAKA membership card must be presented at time of pick up).  

Do to high cost, large quantity packaging or local unavailability of some Koi Supplies; SAKA has decided to stock the following supplies for the benefit of club members.


Prazi – flukes    dosage and info

Dimilin – anchor worm and fish lice   dosage and info

Potassium Permanganate – organic oxidizer    dosage and info

Sodium Thiosulfate – chlorine neutralizer    dosage and info

Proform C - ciliate and protozoa parasites    dosage and info  

Pick Up only.

Bring your own baggies or jars.

Call (day time only) or email a station for availability.

You must do your own research on your pond’s problem.

You must know your pond’s volume.  (calculating pond volume)

You must calculate your needed quantity of a supply.


Stations are NOT responsible for diagnosing your pond’s problem.

Stations are NOT expected to recommend a product.

Stations are NOT expected to calculate dosages or needed quantities.



Donation Amounts


Station Locations

Bob   (southeast)    520-954-9613    email


Dan   (northwest) 520-603-9638    email


Brent   (northcentral)   520-780-3980    email








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