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Organized by those with the interest of raising and improving the quality of Nishiki Koi, and its culture.




                                                                   Pond Tour Schedule


                                                                               All times 10 am unless posted with another time



                                                  August 18th           Noel & Debbie Shaw's home

                                                  September 15th    Brent VanKoevering's home

                                                  October 20th         Todd and Bea Paulus home

                                       November 10 & 11           SAKA 39th Annual Koi Show and Auction

                                                     December                        Christmas Party


                                        for further information contact  info@sakoia.org



Next Meeting


Noel & Debbie Shaw's home

August 18, 2018 @ 10 am


for further information contact  info@sakoia.org



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